How to plan your unique elopement

Learn how to make your wedding day an adventure above average

Imagine your wedding day would be a real reflection of your relationship and you could enjoy yourself in every moment, instead of playing by the rules. Does that sound good to you?


Read on and learn more about the journey to an Adventure Above Average. It´s easier than you think, especially if you get help from an expert. Let´s start and make your dream wedding experience come true!

Leave the beaten path and create a unique wedding day

If you follow the given rules of the wedding industry, everything seems to be set. Thousands of wedding blogs, Pinterest mood boards, and wedding planners will lead you along. Once you leave that path, you must make your own choices. It´s great as you can create your unique wedding day. But this freedom can be overwhelming.

Elopements are for adventurers,

for people who don´t want their wedding to be average

I absolutely believe that eloping is the best way to get married. There's nothing I love more than helping couples create the authentic intimate wedding day of your dreams, where you conquer an amazing adventure together and have the privacy & safety to truly be yourselves. Elopements bring the focus of a wedding day back to you two as a couple and don't have the "performance" or "production" vibe of a normal traditional wedding. You can design the best day for the two of you, from start to finish, and at some point in your grand adventure, be in a gorgeous & unique location and commit your lives to each other.

Only 5 steps to create your unique elopement

When you begin to think about your elopement, there are probably more questions than answers. To make it easier for you to craft your own unique wedding day, I recommend you follow these 5 steps.

My best advice is that you don´t have to be shy asking for help. You can´t be an expert in everything. Especially if you plan an elopement somewhere you haven´t been before. Get help from an expert, who knows this place.

1. Create your unique vision

Let´s start with a big question:

If you could go anywhere in the world to get married… where would you go to?

Some people have already a specific spot in mind, others have a fuzzy vision. Sit down with your partner and do some brainstorming. Make sure that there´s no right or wrong. Write down whatever comes to your mind! Maybe there is even that one special place you two always wanted to go to?

Where do you see yourself eloping?

Get in in a relaxed space and imagine your perfect elopement day from start to finish. You can find inspiration anywhere! Use travel guides, social media, books or Google Earth to discover new places.

Mountains, desert, on a cliff, in a forest, in front of a waterfall, or on the beach?

There´s nothing you can´t do.

Think about the overall meaning of your elopement

You should also think about the overall meaning and intention of your wedding day. Is this day just for the two of you? Do others play a role in your day? It´s totally up to you to do it on your own or share it with the people who mean the most to you. How do you want to celebrate your love? What does your ceremony look like? Are there important cultural or religious traditions you´d like to incorporate into the ceremony?  

It´s your wedding day, so go ahead and have some fun

It´s very important that you don´t only think about the place and meaning, but also about what you want to do. That´s probably the greatest thing about elopements. Your free to do whatever you want to do. There are just no limits! These can be activities that you enjoy doing together or ones you´ve never tried before. Hiking, stargazing or stand up paddleboarding? It´s up to you!

At this point, you should have a vision of your elopement, that makes you feel comfortable and smile. You don´t need to know the specific spot yet, as you will do more research in the next step.

2. How to pick the perfect spot

When it comes to elopements the sky is the limit. You can go anywhere you want to! After you created your first vision, it´s time to narrow down the place of your elopement.

To find the perfect spot is challenging, as there are dozens of factors to consider. In the beginning, it´s best to look for some key factors.

Once you start really letting the thoughts flow on these factors, you´ll probably find the perfect elopement location for yourselves in no time.

Scenery + views

This is the fun part. As you have crafted your vision before you can now research which countries and destinations will fit your expectations perfectly. Write down all the destinations that sound good or make a mood board with pictures that show how you imagine the scenery and the view. At some point, the selection can be quite challenging as there are so many beautiful possibilities. That´s usually the point where I start being your sidekick.


This one is really important. Destinations can be so different depending on the season. Ask yourself if you love the red and orange colors of the autumn leaves or the hot summer sun. Winter can be a very romantic choice too, especially if you are dreaming of a wedding in the snow. But be careful: There is no guarantee for good weather even if you get married in Tuscany in the middle of August. It’s best to research the weather conditions especially if you are heading for the low season. Also, it’s always good to have a backup solution and not stick to certain timelines. Just go with the flow. As long as you are relaxed everything will fall into place.


By now you know if you want to stand on a lush green mountain or sail on a boat through the crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea. But how do you get there? Is this place accessible at this time of the year? Is this place even suitable for a wedding ceremony? Whom do I have to ask? Do I need permission? This is the point where you will need some help from an insider, someone who knows this place very well and knows how to find the hidden gems! You don’t have to deal with the legal stuff alone!


Don’t go for famous Instagram spots if you don’t want to be surrounded by strangers while speaking your vows. Look for something unique off the beaten track! You can search for blogs or articles that feature the specific area. Ask people who have been there before, maybe they have found some secret spots they loved.

And don’t forget to have fun during this process. It will take some time and that’s ok. And always remember, that it is also ok to ask for help. You are probably planning an elopement for the first time.

3. Make choices and start booking

Pick your date

Is there a date that has a special meaning for you? Or do you want to get married during the holidays? Pick a date that feels right for you. It doesn’t always have to be a weekend! Let’s be wild and get married on a Wednesday. This has the advantage that places won’t be so crowded and expensive. If you want to take some people with you, make sure to tell them early enough so that they will be free on your special day. Maybe plan to arrive a few days earlier to get used to the new surrounding and deal with the possible jetlag.

Pick your general location

You don’t have to know the exact location, but you need to know the general area. Then you can book a nice accommodation and organize the transfers. In most cases, it is best to hire a car to be more flexible and freer. The spot for your elopement can be found either in advance or on the day itself. It happened more than once that a special place occurred without planning for it.

Decide on the number of people you want to be there

I know that this decision can be quite hard. But let me say one thing: If you want to get eloped with your partner in private that’s totally ok. You don’t have to feel guilty. It is your day, and nobody has the right to be at your wedding! Nobody! If you want someone to accompany you on that special day that’s fine too. But make sure that there are only people you want to be there, not whom you think that “have” to be there. It’s your decision!



4. Finalize details & get ready

Find vendors

Decide what you want! Maybe you prefer a picnic instead of a wedding cake? Maybe you want to pick some wildflowers for the wedding bouquet yourself! Do you want someone taking pictures of you? Do you want just the sounds of nature surrounding you or do you prefer some music? In some regions, the vendors won’t be speaking English very good, so it’s always best to write down some facts and send some inspirational pictures – or: Just get surprised!

Pick your dress and shoes wisely

Make sure, that the dress is right for the elopement you have planned! Imagine hiking on top of a mountain with a heavy, strapless princess dress. I don’t say that you can’t have a princess dress, but I want you to think about your plans and if this dress fits in perfectly. For hiking elopements, it´s most of the time a good idea to change into your wedding dress when you´re done hiking. During the hike, you can wear comfortable clothes and do the first look in your outfit right on top of the mountain. If you prefer not to wear a white wedding dress that´s fine too. You can get married in whatever outfit you like. Choose what feels right for you.

The same thing about shoes. If you´re going for a hike, switch to your wedding shoes when you´re done hiking. Also, mind the specific place of your ceremony: Stilettos on a beach can be quite challenging.

Depending on where you´ll get married, layers are a good idea. It´s the easiest way to be prepared for different situations. On the coast and in the mountains, actually everywhere in the outdoors, the weather can change quickly. Be prepared so that you won’t freeze or start to sweat during the day.

Decide on your unique ceremony style

The ceremony can be short or long, that depends on your wishes. Do you want an officiant or do you two just want to exchange your vows? There are no strict rules for that part of your wedding. If you want it to be legal than certain requirements must be fulfilled and they´re depending on the country, you want to elope. If you want help, I can help you with the regulations of your destination. Most people get married legally in their home country, a few days before they elope. It prevents you from doing bureaucracy on your wedding day, so you can focus on the things you love to do.

If you want to exchange rings, which are a perfect symbol of your love, make sure to bring them along.

5. Have the best day of your life

You have done it! Now you can just have an amazing day. A day that is truly you, without compromise, without fulfilling someone else’s expectations.

This is your moment. Time to enjoy the adventure that you have created and to let your emotions fly.

Be open to the magic of the moment, of things making your day special that you couldn’t have planned for. Trust your inner voice and the love that you two have for each other.

Let´s get started planning your dream elopement!

Start your journey today and schedule a phone call, so we can talk about your dream wedding!

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