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What is an Elopement?

When people speak of Elopements most of them think about running off and getting married in Vegas. But the meaning of an Elopement has changed in the last few years.


These days eloping is a wonderful possibility to escape the stress of a traditional wedding ceremony and create a day you will never forget. You can either just speak your vows alone with your partner or take your best friends and family to a special place to host a small ceremony.

Elopements are for adventurers,
for people who don’t want their wedding to be average.

If you don’t want to deal with the pressure of a huge wedding and the expectations of everybody involved, maybe an elopement is the right way for you, too. Imagine flying to a special place with everybody you really need to be there. Imagine standing on top of a lush green mountain, hearing the sound of the Mediterranean Ocean or feeling the sand of the Sahara under your feet.


If an average wedding doesn’t feel right, why not do your own thing?

Feel free to create a wedding day that will fill your heart with joy. It’s not that complicated, because by now you probably already know if that’s what your heart desires.

The only complicated question is: Where are the best places to elope in 2020?

1. The Alps

I know the Alps have been an amazing spot to elope over the last few years, but for me, I totally know why. Standing on top of a lush green mountain with fields of wildflowers, where cows are crossing your path and small chapels at the top, the Alps are one of the most picturesque areas of the world. Breathing the fresh mountain air and swimming in the crystal clear mountain lakes make you feel so connected with nature and will instantly calm your mind.

The Alps are a great region all year round. Enjoy the cute little villages with their Bavarian charm and breathtaking views. In summer you can walk up the hill or take a gondola to the top, where amazing culinary adventures, like „Kaiserschmarrn“, await you in traditional „Almhütten“. In the winter you can speak your vows while the snowy mountains are sparkling in the sun and afterward ski or snowboard down the hill. You can even rent cozy little cabins where the wood crackles in the fireplace and look outside the window to watch the snowflakes fall.

So if you like being in nature and maybe even want to get married on the top of a mountain, the Alps might be the perfect place for you.

2. Morocco

Did you ever dream of a wedding like in 1001 Nights? Do you love the exotic smells of spices in the way? What about strolling through small alleys where donkeys are passing your way? Or do you even want to get married in the largest desert in the world?

Morocco is a place with charm and character, where tourists haven’t yet destroyed the authentic look of the old towns and charming coastlines. There are even cities painted entirely in blue. But be quick - Morocco has gained more popularity in the last year.

After flying to Marrakesh or Fez and spending a few days in one of the many beautiful Riads, you should definitely take a ride to Merzouga, which is the last „city“ before the Sahara begins.

On the way, you can look at stunning monuments and nature that is changing every hour. When you arrive in Merzouga it’s only a short drive or camel ride away till you find yourself in the middle of the desert where beautiful luxury camp sides provide you with a perfect setting for your elopement. You can even rent a whole camp side for you and your family. Imagine speaking your vows on a dune in the middle of the Sahara and afterward having a traditional moroccaine dinner under the stars.

Does this sound amazing?

3. Ireland

What if you can get married on a green hill, surrounded by old castle ruins and the sound of the ocean in the background? A place where you can hear the sheep bleating and the wind that is making mystical sounds? What if you can stay in a cute cottage that will throw you back in time and make you feel so cozy and warm that your heart is flooded with love?

Ireland with the rough coastline, the Ring of Kerry and the scenic roads are one of the best places to elope. You will find peace and hospitality everywhere you go. You can decide if you want to stay in an authentic cottage or in one of the many ancient castles, where you can feel the past, that is written in the historic walls.

As the weather can change many times throughout the day, it’s not unlikely to sea many rainbows. So good luck is guaranteed. The sandy beaches are beautiful and many of them are hidden gems and known only to locals. A beach Elopement without interruption or tourists is quite hard to get, but in Ireland, your dream might come true.

Whether you want to get married on the Cliffs of Moher, Slea Head or in Fanningstown Castle -

Ireland can make your wedding dreams come true.

4. Cappadocia

Have you heard of Cappadocia? This place, in the middle of nowhere in Turkey, is one of the most magical places, you will ever go to. I promise! Even if Cappadocia gained some popularity over the last year, it’s still one of Europes best-kept secrets. The cities of Avanos and Göreme are touristy enough to have beautiful hotels and accommodations but are still so authentic and relaxed, that you can feel the Turkish vibes in every corner of the streets.


The main attraction are the hundreds of hot air balloons, that are floating the air every morning, flying over the stunning red mountains and Love Valley as the sun rises. That means you have to get up early, but it’s totally worth it. This place is out of this world and I have no words to describe the light and atmosphere of that magical place.


Why not stand on top of a mountain (which will only take about 20 minutes to walk) and speak your vows surrounded by hundreds of colorful hot air balloons? You can easily skip the crowds at the parking lot and find a wonderful spot just for the two of you within a short walk. If you want to get married while flying over the beautiful landscape of Cappadocia you should take a private hot air balloon, which hosts up to 20 people, if you want to take your family with you. See the sunrise and enjoy your private space in the sky!


But Cappadocia has much more to offer than hot air balloons.

5. Tuscany

If you are looking for an authentic country wedding, delicious food, and la dolce vita - you belong in Tuscany. This specific region in Italy caught my heart the moment I arrived for the first time. The Italian people make you feel like family, even if you just met them a few minutes ago. „Nonnas“ (Italian grandmas) standing in the kitchen and cooking the most incredible ravioli and antipasti you will ever taste.


To be honest Tuscany might not be the right place for an elopement for just the two of you. But if you want the most important family and friends to join you there are great possibilities. Rent a Villa on top of a hill and let nature do the rest.


Enjoy strolling around in ancient cities like Siena, Pienza, and Cortona, with their picturesque alleys and impressive history, and skip the crowds in Firenze. The cities can be a bit touristy in the summer month, but after a trip to the city, I prefer the countryside, anyway.


Why not get married in a vineyard overlooking the lush valley and drinking their homemade wine? Italy is a place for gourmets, for people who want to embrace life and food. Sit down at a table outside and chat with your hands and feet (Italian style) till the stars come up in the night.

6. Iceland

Iceland is a place so raw and pure, that your heart skips a beat when you stand for the first time in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but pure nature surrounding you. It is a place for wild and adventurous elopements, for people who love to explore and don’t care if the road gets a bit bumpy. So if you want to sleep in a camper and don’t care if the wind is destroying your hair than I promise that Iceland will fill your eyes with tears of joy and amazement.

Here you can find such a rich variety of landscapes that your hardest decision would be where to get eloped.


One of my top regions is Landmannalaugar, where the mountains are colored so beautiful that it feels surreal. This place is a bit harder to reach, but with some experience, you can master the sometimes tricky roads.


If you are looking for a different kind of beach wedding choose Iceland. Here you can find a black beach with ice sparkling like diamonds and a lagoon out of ice. You can even get eloped in an ice cave!


Or you can get eloped overlooking one of the amazing waterfalls, like Dettifoss. These places can be a bit crowded but if Iceland has one thing it’s space. Even more beautiful are the glaciers where ice is sparkling in the sun. After a cold day outside you can hop in one of the many hot springs or waterfalls. As the day ends you should definitely look outside your window and by chance watch the northern lights dancing on the sky.

7. Portugal & the Azores

Portugal and especially the Algarve is one of the most underrated destinations for Elopements. Even if Porto and Lisbon are great cities to visit I would definitely recommend you to go south. With golden beaches and red soaring cliffs, the Algarve is a beautiful spot to get eloped on a beach or on top of a cliff. The weather is pretty good all year round, but I love especially the autumn when the summer tourists have gone and the little villages fall silent again. You can wander from the beach to beach and watch some surfers trying to catch the perfect wave.


Everybody in Portugal is very relaxed and laid-back, there is no stress and hectic at all. Enjoy a drink overlooking the endless ocean and watch the amazing sunsets painting the sky in all shades of red and pink. Why not rent a catamaran or sailboat and enjoy the sunset on board. With some luck, you can spot dolphins or even some whales. Over the decades the water has formed some beautiful caves out of the rocks and you can visit them on a boat, kayak or SUP.

So if you consider getting married on a boat or in a beautiful cave, the Algarve might be the perfect destination for you.


What most people don’t know that there is more to Portugal than the mainland. The Azores belong to Portugal, even if the nine islands are in the middle of the ocean between Europe and America. This makes the Azores the closest European travel destinations from the U.S. These beautiful islands are indeed Europes best-kept secret. There is a reason why it is called the „Hawaii of Europe“, with its lush nature, waterfalls, hot springs, and stunning coastlines. The flowers and birds are so colorful that sometimes it feels like paradise. São Miguel is the main island, where you can find fancy restaurants and luxurious hotels. But if you want to be a bit more adventurous you can take a little plane or the ferry to one of the many other small islands, with far fewer tourists.


Find yourself wandering through some tea plantations or climb Monte Pico for sunset, stand under a waterfall or dive in the ocean:

The possibilities for your dream Elopement are endless.

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This is why I don´t reveal the best spots!

I’ve spent a lot of research and traveled a lot throughout Europe to find the best and most magical spots for Elopements. And I want them to stay a secret as long as possible, without tourists and crowds flooding these places.


The preservation of Nature has been one of my main goals since starting as a photographer, not only for us but also for the generations to come. That is why I donate 5% of my earnings to foundations, that clean the ocean or reforest the planet. Nature will be a wonderful host for your Elopement, but it’s important to be respectful and caring, especially when you get married off the beaten path.


So if you are really interested in getting married in one of the listed destinations or in one of the many other beautiful spots in Europe I would love to share my unique places with you so we can find the perfect spot for your dream Elopement.

But who am I to tell you?

Hey, I’m Kevin, the first European Elopement photographer. Whereas many wedding photographers do all kinds of weddings I focus on Elopements and small destination weddings, because I love adventures above average, unusual locations and once in a lifetime experiences. So if you are looking for a traditional church wedding with 200 guests than I won’t be the right guy for you.


I was born and raised in Germany and traveled throughout Europe for all my life. In the last years, I started to chase the best locations and scouted some of the best secret spots for elopements in all of Europe. All my recommendations are subjective but I can’t imagine anyone not loving the diversity and beauty of the listed destinations. So if you don’t know Europe that well let me help you with some tips and suggestions about the best places to elope in 2020!


So let’s get started!

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5. Have the best day of your life
- it´s your wedding day and it´s completely yours -
6. Feel it again and again
- many photos to share and enjoy - 

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 When there´s a smile in your heart, there´s no better time to start!


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