Best places to elope in Europe

Old towns, magnificent coastlines and fabulous wild islands

Because your love deserves more!

Choose to elope in Europe

Europe is a place, where all your dreams come true.

Have a look at the diversity it has to offer, there´s so much beauty to discover


Spain & Portugal

These countries are far more diverse than you might think. You can find high cliffs at windy beaches or crystal clear water. You can climb mountains in the Pyrenees or discover caves, only accessible from the seaside. Discover small villages on the coast or get lost in one of the terrific big cities. 

Barcelona and Lisbon won´t be the best place for your elopement, but it´s sure that you´ll find even there sunshine, a lot of good food and great vibes.

Don´t forget about the islands, where adventure awaits you!


& Northern Ireland

The coastline is famous for its breathtaking rugged cliffs, rolling green hills, medieval castles, and ancient ruins.

Did you know that parts of Game of Thrones were filmed in Northern Ireland?

No matter if you like GoT or not, I guess you have to admit that Ireland and Northern Ireland offer places of unseen beauty.

The Alps

Majestic mountains

The Alps lay across Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France and some more states.

They offer spectacular views, crystal clear mountain lakes and the landscapes have a high variety of looks.

Don´t forget to discover the rich culinary culture, known from Bavaria, from Apfelstrudel to Kaiserschmarrn.


This is where magic happens

No matter what you´re looking for, you will probably find it in Italy.

It´s the birthplace of European culture, gourmet cuisine and offers so much more.

You can choose a lovely old town, a more private country house or enjoy yourself at the stunning coastline. 

But don´t forget the northern part, which offers spectacular views and crystal clear lakes in the Dolomites. You´ll also find some of the most beautiful lakes in the world.


Land of fire and ice

This island is spectacular, even the language. They use names like Jökulsárgljúfur.

Iceland is a magical place to speak your vows. A moment, you won´t ever forget.


You´ll find geysers, stunning waterfalls, black beaches and unbelievable views allover. 

It´s hard to catch the energy with words.


Welcome to paradise

Do you want to elope next to some of the most beautiful villages in the world?

The Greek islands offer spectacular coastlines, white sands and also white villages.

It´s the perfect getaway if you dream of sand under your toes, sunshine, and waves crashing in.

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Good neighborhood

Not quite Europe, but still next to it.


The Sahara desert

This desert is the biggest hot desert in the world. So you´ll get to see a lot of sand.


Spectacular views of high dunes reaching up to the blue sky. It´s a magical feeling to stand right in the middle of nowhere.

It´s also a fantastic place to speak your vows under the shine of the Milkyway. Without light pollution, you´ll be provided with the phenomenal night sky.


Yes, this is real

Maybe it looks like photoshopped, but this a real place in Turkey. The best thing is, that the hot air balloons fly nearly every day.

For sure it´s an experience like no other. 

It´s up to you if you want to go high or watch the spectacle from the ground.

This is only the beginning!

I believe that Europe is the perfect place for your elopement or an intimate wedding.

It´s full of culture, easy to travel, and there are so many beautiful countries.

I'm more than a photographer. I´ll guide and support you while planning your perfect day.

To make it as easy as possible for you to make your dream wedding come true, I'll provide you a list of places, which fit perfectly to your wishes.

So you can easily choose which one suits you best.

Don´t wait any longer. Let us start the journey!

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  1. Is an elopement right for you?

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  3. How to create & plan your unique wedding day in only 5 steps

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