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Cappadocia is one of my favorite travel destinations for all time.

Here are my top reasons why you should definitely consider getting married in Cappadocia.

Stand on the top of a mountain surrounded by hundreds of hot air balloons

As I visited Cappadocia for the first time I was speechless. Imagine speaking your vows and getting married while you stand on the top of a mountain, surrounded by hundreds of hot air balloons, while the sun rises over Rose Valley.


You can easily skip the crowds at the parking lot and find a wonderful spot just for the two of you within a short walk. This is real magic, so unique, that no words will describe how amazing and magical this little place in Turkey is.


If you love hot air balloons then you should definitely consider getting married in Cappadocia. 

Put your love on top? Why no take a hot air balloon?

If you want to get married while flying over the beautiful landscape of Cappadocia you should take a private hot air balloon. See the sunrise and enjoy your private space in the sky!


The fresh morning air will remind you that this is actually real, even if it looks like out of this world, with its amazing rock formations, red valleys and of course the other balloons.

Back on the ground, you can arrange a beautiful picnic, with authentic Turkish food, Mezze and of course - lots of Turkish tea.

Amazing Landscape and outstanding Locations

Cappadocia has much more to offer than hot air balloons. You should definitely discover the Zelve Open Air Museum, where I spent half a day wandering through these ancient city carved in stone.


There is far more to see than the Fairy chimneys and Love Valley. You can even explore an underground city. The best thing: Everything is reachable without a short drive. So if you are looking for unique locations for getting married in Cappadocia you have tons of possibilities within a few minutes reach.  

Roof tops, carpet shops and amazing Accommodations

Even if the villages of Göreme and Avanos are not that big you have a large selection of luxurious hotels, where you can enjoy the Hamam (the Turkish spa - definitely worth it!), pools and amazing rooftops. You can even stay at an original Cave Hotel.


In the evening you can enjoy the sunset overlooking the red hills, stroll through carpet shops and enjoy authentic Turkish food. You should definitely try the pottery kebab, which is cooked in a sealed clay pot for a minimum of 4 hours. When fully cooked, the waiter brings out the clay pot out and cracks it with a hammer in front of you. So good!

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