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Ireland has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

Here are my top reasons why you should consider getting married in Ireland.

From lush nature to romantic Castles

The colors in Ireland will blow you away. I didn’t even know of the existence of so many shades of green. Everywhere you look the nature is just stunning, a place right outside from a fairy tale.

But this place is for real. From the Wild Atlantic Way to the Ring of Kerry, the diversity of Ireland is amazing. 

If you love old castles, sheeps hanging around on the lush chain of hills and spectacular rocky coastlines then you should definitely consider getting married in Ireland.

Mother Nature at its best

Did you know, that you can get married surrounded by ancient castle ruins standing on a lush green hill overlooking the beautiful nature?


Ireland offers a ton of possibilities, from elegant castles to lovely little cottages. But if you want to do it right you have to get married outside, where you can smell the fresh Atlantic sea and feel the connection to Mother Earth.


Even if Ireland is a popular wedding destination, there are many breathtaking spots where you are totally on your own - No tourists, just you and your loved ones. The only interruption could be a sheep bleating from a surrounding green hill. 

Private Islands and sandy beaches

If people think of getting married on an island or sandy beach, they hardly ever think of Ireland.

This is a huge mistake!

The sandy beaches you find on the shores of Ireland are not only beautiful surrounded by impressive cliff formations, but also often only known by locals. This means you can skip the crowded beaches and have a private beach for yourself. 


It is even possible to rent your own private island if you want to. If you search for untouched nature, privacy and peace you should definitely think about getting married in Ireland.

Hospitality is a huge plus when getting married in Ireland

In Ireland, you find the most lovely and hear-warming people. They will easily chat with you around one or two Guinness in a pub. Proud of their huge history they will love to explain their traditions and connection with nature.


At the end of your travel you will feel like having found not only friends but a second family in this exceptional country. 


I know that the bureaucracy for getting married in Ireland can be a bit tough, but be sure: It’s totally worth it.


I mean, if Pierce Brosnan got married in Ireland, there has to be something about it, right? And remember: „You don’t have to do it all on your own!“.

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