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Morroco is one of the most diverse travel destinations I know.

Here are my top reasons why you should definitely consider getting married in Morroco.

From stunning cities to the desert

Morroco is a place out of this world. From colorful medinas, mysterious blue cities and the largest desert in the world - Morroco has it all. A place like the stories from the Arabian Nights or Aladin, a magical place for getting married.


Imagine donkey cart everywhere, and the smell of delicious spices surrounded by stunning architectural buildings. You can stroll around and easily get lost in carpets, shining lamps and beautiful crafts from local artists. In the busy streets of Marrakesh, with its rich history and tradition, Riads provide you with amazing views from the Rooftops and delicious oriental food.


Their hospitality is exceptional and you will indeed feel like a king and queen.

Exotic and Romantic: Under the stars

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities the desert is just the right way to go. As the Sahara is the largest desert in the world, there is quite a lot of space for you and your unique wedding.


You can even set up your own private wedding camp, with luxurious Berber tents, enjoy the breathtaking sunset with the richest colors you will ever see and after a culinary feast, sit beneath a sky full of stars. If that’s what you looking for you should definitely consider getting married in Morroco. 

A very different side of Morroco: Snow

Morroco is mostly referred to as hot all year round and yes it’s right, that the temperatures are stable all year through. But Morroco is more than the desert. In the Atlas Mountains, you have lush valleys, small enchanting villages, and beautiful canyons. What about getting married in Morroco with the dramatic mountains in the background?


You can even find hidden waterfalls, like an oasis in a land full of sand. And there is one special thing about Morroco most people won’t believe: Snow. During the winter month, the Atlas Mountains turn into a dream destination for snowboarders and people seeking the extraordinary.


From sand-board to snowboards within a few hours: This is true magic! 

Beautiful lonely beaches

If you ever considered getting married on a lonely, sandy beach or a sapphire-colored lagoon Morocco could be the place for you. With its beautiful coastline, Morroco is home to beautiful laid-back port cities, full of tranquillity, Spanish art deco flair, and beautiful coastlines. The rock-formed archways on the beaches Morocco could be the perfect destination for your outdoor beach wedding. 


So all in all Morocco is the perfect playground for those seeking something extraordinary. It’s so diverse, enchanting and vivid that it will leave you with your mouth wide open. 

Getting married in Morocco can be wonderful, but the organization can be a bit tough. Some vendors are not easy to reach and a lot of them are not even listed on the internet.


So if you want to lean back and be guided through the whole process I would love to help you with that and capture your amazing adventure in photographs that will make you smile for the rest of your life. 

What I can do for you

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2. Capture all those wonderful feelings so that you can relive the moment
3. Help you craft your unique vision that truly reflects you
4. Location scouting, vendor recommendations & logistical help
5. Do good: Plant 100 Trees for each booking

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