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getting married in the Alps

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The Alps are the most stunning mountains in Europe.

Here are my top reasons why you should consider getting married in the Alps.

The hills are alive with the sound of music

If you are searching for great views, crystal clear mountain lakes and small villages out of a fairy tale, then you should definitely consider getting married in the Alps. For me, the Alps are a region that fills my heart with joy.


There are so many different sides of the Alps, from lush green to snowy white. The Alps are a great choice all year round and will make your elopement extra special. Waking up with the fog in the valleys you will feel like high above the ground.


A place where the sunrises are so calm and warming and the sunsets are so colorful, that it would be corny if it wasn’t for real. 

Getting married in the Alps in winter:

Snow, "Glühwein" and skiing

Whereas in most of Europe there is no snow at all, the Alps are a secure match if you want to have an elopement in the snow.  You can take a gondola to the mountaintop and enjoy the marvelous view out of the window of a cozy „Almhütte“, a cabin where the wood in the fireplace crackles and you can drink „Glühwein“ or „Feuerzangenbowle“, a typical Austrian hot drink.

When the sun comes up the whole scenery will sparkle and you will need no more decoration at all. If this sounds right for you, you should definitely consider getting married in the Alps. And don’t be afraid of the cold: In the sun it can get quite warm so this won’t influence your wedding dress choice. You can even get married in small mountain chapels and ski down the mountain afterward. 

Getting married in the Alps in summer:

Wildflower fields, Cows and Alms

In the summer the lush green valleys will and beautiful blue mountain lakes are astonishing. You can hike to the top of a mountain, crossing lots of friendly cows with bells around their necks and lovely wildflower fields.


When you are on the top you will have an outstanding view and privacy to speak your vows, except the cows. After your ceremony, you can pick one of the many alms or even rent one. There are many possibilities from family-run little guest houses to luxurious Alms with their own Spa overlooking the Mountains.


Whatever you want, if you consider getting married in the Alps, everything is possible. 

Kaiserschmarrn, Apfelküchle and Kartoffelsalat -

The food is just the best

Ok, maybe I am a bit biased, as my wife is from Bavaria. But the food of the Alps is just amazing, especially the deserts. I could stay one week and just eat one after another - especially as they serve dessert as the main dish.


From fluffy „Kaiserschmarrn“, that smell like vanilla and raisins to apples deep-fried in batter with cold ice cream on top, everything just tastes delicious. Imagine sitting on a wooden bench and enjoying the amazing nature while tasting one of the best food in the world.


The people, the food and most of all the amazing nature will fill your heart with love and joy - I promise.

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