How to elope in Europe

Learn how to make your wedding day an adventure above average

Imagine your wedding day would be a real reflection of your relationship and you could enjoy yourself in every moment, instead of playing by the rules. Does that sound good to you?


Read on and learn more about the journey to an Adventure Above Average. It's easier than you think, especially if you get help from an expert. Let's start and make your dream wedding experience come true!

1. Choose your favorite country

Europe is the perfect place for your elopement or an intimate wedding.

It's full of culture, easy to travel, and there are so many beautiful countries. You can find amazing cliffs & lush greens in Ireland, the majestic Alps in Switzerland & Austria, historic old towns in Italy and terrific beaches in Greece, Spain & Portugal. Don't forget about the magic of Iceland!

2. Decide what time of the year you want to elope

This one is really important. Destinations can be so different depending on the season. Ask yourself if you love the red and orange colors of the autumn leaves or the hot summer sun. Winter can be a very romantic choice too, especially if you are dreaming of a wedding in the snow. But be careful: There is no guarantee for good weather even if you get married in Tuscany in the middle of August. It's best to research the weather conditions, especially if you are heading for the low season.

3. Include your honeymoon

Once you're in Europe, you get the chance to discover more of its beauty. Wouldn't it be fantastic to stay a little bit longer and explore some new places? You can rely on an exceptional infrastructure to travel through Europe and even combine different countries on one trip.

4. Decide if you want a legal marriage in Europe

Yes, you can. You need to put some effort into planning and organize a few things, but for foreigners, it's possible to get legally married in most countries in Europe. The requirements depend on the country and federal law.

But take a moment and think about it:
you've taken that brave step to throw tradition to the wind and commit your lives to each other in a way that's wholly unique and beautiful to you both – why not keep running with it?
Many couples decide to get legally married in their homeland and to celebrate their love with a unique elopement day abroad. It's the best way to free yourself from bureaucracy on your wedding day.

5. Choose your ceremony location

When it comes to elopements, the sky is the limit. You can go anywhere you want to! After choosing the general area, you have to pick a specific place for your ceremony. It totally depends on your wishes.

6. Secure your vendors

You're in luck because Europe has thousands of talented vendors to pick from. It's up to you if you want to have dinner at a restaurant, to hire a private chef, or to cook at a fire site in the mountains. You can get help by florists, hair & make-up artists, photographer, wedding planner, and DJ. 

But keep in mind that simple solutions are often the best ones. You probably don't need a team of 10 vendors.

7. Pick your dress and shoes wisely

Make sure that the dress is right for the elopement you have planned! Imagine hiking on top of a mountain with a heavy, strapless princess dress. If you prefer not to wear a white wedding dress that's fine too. You can get married in whatever outfit you like. Choose what feels right for you.

8. Enjoy your wedding day to the fullest

You have done it! Now you can have a fantastic day. A day that is truly you, without compromise, without fulfilling someone else's expectations.

This is your moment. Time to enjoy the adventure that you have created and to let your emotions fly.

Be open to the magic of the moment, of things making your day special that you couldn't have planned for. Trust your inner voice and the love that you two have for each other.

Learn how to make your wedding an

Adventure Above Average

  1. Is an elopement right for you?

  2. Learn how to free yourself from the expectations, obligations and the pressure set from the outside

  3. How to create & plan your unique wedding day in only 5 steps

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