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Destination wedding photographer

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6 easy steps to an

Adventure Above Average


Listen to your heart

Don´t limit yourself to what others have done or you already have seen. You are free to imagine anything you truly want.

Listen to your heart, it knows.


Start the journey

We´ll chat, so you can tell me about your dream elopement, but also about your relationship and what your elopement means to you. Fill out the contact form and I´ll get back to you. I can´t wait to hear from you!


Reserve your date

All you need for this step is your elopement date. You don't have to know the specific spot yet. A questionnaire will bring you clarity, so we can find the right spot for your Elopement.


Let´s make a plan

I´m here to guide you through the process and to help you to dream big. You´ll be provided with a customized list of epic location ideas & many more recommendations. You just need to pick your spot, book your travel & vendors. 


Have the best day of your life

Standing on top of a mountain, at a beach or flying a hot air balloon, today your dreams will come true. Speaking your vows, totally in love with each other and the whole world.

It´s your wedding day. And it´s completely yours.


Feel it again and again

You'll get a sneak peek of your incredible photos within one week, so you can share them with everyone you love - and the full gallery will tell the whole story of your elopement day, so you can bring the feelings back alive.

Contact me to get started planning the elopement that your heart desires

What I can do for you

1. Photograph & show the whole beauty of your wedding day
2. Capture all those wonderful feelings so that you can relive the moment
3. Help you craft your unique vision that truly reflects you
4. Location scouting, vendor recommendations & logistical help
5. Do good: Plant 100 Trees for each booking

Take the first step to your Adventure Above Average

Listen to your heart


How to:

Create a wedding day above average

  1. Is eloping right for you?

  2. Learn how to free yourself from the expectations, obligations and the pressure set from the outside

  3. How to create & plan your unique wedding day in only 5 steps

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Kevin Kurek - Wedding photographer and guide for adventures above average from Germany, specialized in European Elopements.

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