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What exactly is an elopement?

Haven´t heard of it? Many haven´t... 

Elopements have been that kind of wedding where you escaped to Las Vegas, get drunk and said yes in front of Elvis. But that has changed!

Actually there´s no real definition to an elopement. But all in all, it means to concentrate on what really matters and get rid of all the rest.

Set your focus on love


For me, that´s the easiest way to describe it. Don´t set up a performance for others and you also don´t need to follow the expectations from the outside.

It´s your wedding. You´re free to choose how you want to get married.

An elopement is an authentic wedding, intentionally small, meaningful and a reflection of your relationship. It´s about you and your love. Because that´s what matters most!

Now you might ask how it looks like? That´s the best thing about elopements:

it´s totally up to you

You can do whatever you always dreamed of, there´s just no limit to what´s possible.

The two of you climbing a mountain, saying your vows at the top. Standing under the stars of the Milky Way, next to your immediate family. Or you can go to Iceland with your closest friends, to discover all the beauty of this island and have the time of your life?

There are no rules and no expectations. 

It´s a day full of love, an intimate wedding day, that your heart desires.

What´s the difference between an elopement & an intimate wedding?

Most people speak of an elopement when it´s only the two of you.

In my opinion, it´s more about the intention. You can also focus on your love and have the best day of your life when your immediate family and best friends are with you. For many people, that´s even an important part, of having the best day of their life.

It´s most important that you´re looking for a stress-free wedding experience, to celebrate your love. The name just doesn´t matter then.

It´s so much more than photos...

A LOVE above photography is not about to make you look good on Instagram.


It´s about an experience, to live completely in the moment and to feel your heart beating. I want you to play full out, to be yourself, to feel safe and enjoy every second of your big day.

As it´s your elopement day, there´ll be more than a ceremony and portrait shots. 

To make this experience possible I´ll guide you through the whole process of planning and support you wherever I can.

Questions help me to get to know you better. That´s important, as we´ll craft your unique vision of your elopement. Based on this vision, on your dreams, we´ll make a plan. I´m here to support you in finding the perfect location, the best vendors and to organize the whole day.

All the little details matter to make your dream come true.


You can count on me, I´m right by your side. Because you deserve a stress-free, once in a lifetime experience, 

while I document the whole story.

6 easy steps to an

Adventure Above Average

1. Listen to your heart
- there´s nothing you can´t do - 
2. Start the journey
- contact me and tell me about your dreams - 
3. Reserve your date
- to make your dreams come true -
4. Let´s make a plan
- you´ll be guided by me through the process -
5. Have the best day of your life
- it´s your wedding day and it´s completely yours -
6. Feel it again and again
- many photos to share and enjoy - 

Why does a

full-day coverage suits your elopement day best?

Your big day is not about a staged photoshoot, smiling straight into the camera. It is so much more! I believe that you´ll love these photos the most, in which you see your true self and not a fake smile. To make that happen I want to be a part of your elopement. I´ll be right by your side, telling the whole story. But I don´t want you to change for the camera. 

I want to capture the real you, moments of higher love.

These moments come and go often in a blink of an eye, like the moment you saw a deer while climbing up that mountain.

You deserve to be able to look back

at the full story of your wedding day!

Elopement & Intimate Wedding

Photography Pricing

Included in every package:

  • Full day coverage, taking photos and helping you

  • Help & Guidance to plan your dream elopement

    • "Getting to know you" Questionnaire​

    • Your unique elopement location idea list

    • Vendor recommendations

    • Tips & Tricks for a smooth planning process

    • Logistics & Planning Tools 

    • Personalized Timeline for your elopement day

  • Digital gallery providing you access to the full resolution image files

    • to view, download, print, and share worldwide​

  • My travel fees are always included!

Destination Elopements & Intimate Weddings

- in the European Union -

starting at 4.400 Euro

Destination Elopements & Intimate Weddings

- in Iceland + Morocco + Turkey -

starting at 4.900 Euro

200 planted trees for each booking

I´ve partnered up with plant-for-the-planet.org to do good.

After your wedding, you´ll get a certificate for the planted trees.

Are you ready to start planning your dream elopement?

Take the first step

Now it´s your turn, to 

bring your dreams to life


What packages do you offer?

My packages start with a 6-hour coverage at your elopement day and go up to a 2-day adventure elopement.

Every package includes my guidance during the planning process, a digital gallery, 200 planted trees and also my travel costs.

Any questions left?

Let me help you to craft a wedding day above average.

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions!

Take the first step to your Adventure Above Average

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  1. Find out if an elopement is right for you

  2. Learn how to free yourself from the expectations, obligations and the pressure set from the outside

  3. How to create & plan your unique wedding day in only 5 steps

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