Leave the beaten path

Stop listening to opinions set from the outside!

Listen to your heart

When it comes to planning a wedding, most people get turned upside down by the expectations and opinions of friends, family and the wedding industry. But it´s your day and there´s no need to play a role on your wedding day. Craft a wedding day that is meaningful, intimate and full of love.


For sure you know someone who got married in the last months and probably you´ve also been to a wedding in the last year. It´s clear that weddings are a big thing. People spent months planning and organizing because they want everything to be perfect. They´ll spend a lot of money to make everyone happy. But shouldn´t they care more about their feelings, instead of creating the picture-perfect wedding?

The wedding industry is huge!

More than 2 million Americans marry every year. To have a perfect day, each bridal couple spends on average $34.000 for their wedding. It´s for sure that there´s a lot of pressure on every single bride, in such a multimillion-dollar industry.

Don´t get lost in all the expectations and opinions from the outside

It´s hard to stop comparing yourself with friends and with the beautiful looking pictures on Instagram or Pinterest. Weddings are nowadays a status symbol, which is used to show everyone how rich, healthy and good looking you are.


Did you know that many photos you see on Pinterest were made in so-called style shootings? It´s when vendors come together to create the perfect wedding. And they´ll use these pictures to show their clients how beautiful everything could look like: it often starts with pictures showing the invitations, with ink from Calligraphic on handmade paper. It looks gorgeous, but what do you want to remember about your wedding?


Imagine you celebrate your 20th anniversary with your spouse. Hopefully it´s not the first thing on your mind, to talk about the invitations.

It´s not a competition – a wedding should be fun for you!

Most people are very excited when they begin to plan their wedding. But soon it tips over.

You compete with weddings that were arranged to look good! You compete with weddings that are so trendy that they´re featured on Pinterest or in wedding blogs.


Ask yourself if these picture-perfect weddings are really the one thing you wish for. Maybe you´ve experienced how stressful a wedding day is for most brides. There are even some who don´t have enough time to eat. That´s something you don´t see in all these nice pictures.

Even if you know this, it´s hard to turn away from these pictures

Yes, it all looks beautiful, but try to remember what´s the most important thing: you need to have the best day of your life! It probably won´t happen, when you find yourself in an Instagram picture.

Make your wedding day an adventure above average

Shouldn´t you care more about your feelings,

instead of decoration and interior?

Maybe you have this feeling that something is wrong if you move on towards a traditional wedding. It would be a stressful way, always messing around with the standard of weddings from anyone else.


While thinking about your wedding, looking at these pictures of picture-perfect weddings, you might have asked yourself:

"Who am I doing this for?"

That's an easy one: you ought to do it for yourself! It´s your day, where your dreams come true. Have the best day of your life, without any compromise!


The answer is quite easy, but how to get there is a lot harder. Your true wishes get lost in the many opinions and expectations from the outside.


It often starts with the guestlist, which gets longer and longer. Even worse if there´s a part of the family which has a dispute with the other side of the family. You need to be careful when you create the seat plan because you want to avoid any arguments at your wedding. Although a wedding is a great opportunity to bring your family together, it´s hard to make everyone happy.

Think about which people you really want to be present

Imagine you´re surrounded by the 10 people that mean the most to you. They know you so well as no one else does. They care so much for you and have been an important part of your journey.


If you want to have a small wedding that´s fine. You ought to have the wedding day your heart desires. It´s not about the needs of aunt Anne! No one has the right to be invited to your wedding.

Make yourself happy, not your guests

Tell yourself again and again: “Whatever I wish for, it´s okay!” Even if everyone else seems to take another path when most people go for a big wedding. It´s your decision to leave that path!

Keep in mind that the most important thing is how you feel at your wedding day!

Think about these questions:


  • How do your guests make you feel? How do you feel about standing in front of 200 guests?


  • How do you feel about a strict timeline? Will there even be enough time to enjoy yourself?


  • What do you really wish for? Why should you change who you are for your wedding day?


  • Is there something that is the heartbeat of your relationship? Why leave it behind for your wedding?   

Your love is unique and so should be your wedding day

While you plan your wedding, think about what makes you happy. You ought not to listen to all the voices who tell you how a picture-perfect wedding must look like.


You already got everything you need to create a wedding day above average. Just listen to your heart!


If you keep in focus what your heart desires the most, it´ll be the best day of your life!

I totally understand if you don´t want to follow the path of a traditional wedding.

Your love deserves more!

If an average wedding doesn’t feel right,

why don´t you leave the beaten path?

Imagine your wedding would be a real reflection of your relationship and your authentic self, instead of playing by the rules. Think about standing on top of a lush green mountain, hearing the sound of the Mediterranean Ocean or feeling the sand of the Sahara under your feet.

What if you could enjoy yourself in every moment by doing things you love and not follow opinions or fulfill the expectations of others? If you don’t want to deal with the pressure of a huge wedding and the expectations of everybody involved, maybe an elopement is the right way for you, too. Imagine flying to a special place with everybody you really need to be there.

You´re free to create a wedding day that fills your heart with joy

You´ll have a lot of fun crafting your unique vision, even if it´s not easy to leave the old idea behind. Finally, a special day awaits you. A wedding day that your heart desires, that´s so much more than average and an adventure that no one could ever recreate. It’s not that complicated, because by now you probably already know if that’s what your heart desires.

If you don´t want to deal with the planning on your own, then get help from an expert!

Let me guide you to the most unforgettable wedding day possible!

Let me help you to craft your unique vision, guide you through the planning process and give you logistical help. I´m here to guide you to a wedding day that your heart desires and as a photographer, I´m right by your side, so you can share & remember every moment. 


Born and raised in Germany, I traveled through Europe for all my life. These are the places I know the best. As I want to give you valuable tips, I´m specialized in elopements and small weddings throughout Europe. I´ve seen incredible places here and you can rely on my knowledge!

Why you should consider to elope

I absolutely believe that eloping is the best way to get married. There's nothing I love more than helping couples create the authentic intimate wedding day of your dreams, where you conquer an amazing adventure together and have the privacy & safety to truly be yourselves. Elopements bring the focus of a wedding day back to you two as a couple and don't have the "performance" or "production" vibe of a normal traditional wedding. You can design the best day for the two of you, from start to finish, and at some point in your grand adventure, be in a gorgeous & unique location and commit your lives to each other.


Make your wedding an Adventure Above Average.

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Adventure Above Average

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