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Why you should choose Tuscany

for your destination wedding

Let´s create the wedding day that your heart desires

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.

From little charming towns to long and winding roads among sunflower fields. 

I’ve never experienced such a beautiful light in any other place in the world.

From Florence to Siena:

European history as far as the eye can see

When you wander around the ancient cities, it feels like going back in time. The unique architecture is like no other and makes Italy one of the most visited countries in Europe and a marvelous destination for your wedding venue.

Besides the major cities, like Florence or Siena, there are many beautiful villages, where you can stroll around the little allies and get a taste of what the real Italian living is like.


I love the authenticity of these places, where old ladies shouting from old shuttered windows and kids are playing football in the streets.

Italy is a food heaven and knows how to enjoy it

A place where life seems to move at a slower pace.

A place to pause and relax, where the people are so friendly, that you will immediately feel like going home, especially when a heart-warming Italian „Nonna“ provides you with the best antipasti, pizza & pasta in the world.

Italy is a place where you can sip at your Chianti and enjoy the sunset while looking over the lush wine fields.

Hidden gems will match your weddings expectations

And most important of all: Tuscany is more than Florence, Siena or Pisa. There are so many hidden gems, a breathtaking countryside, that most tourists don’t even know exist.

Within a one hour drive, the whole scenery will sometimes change two to three times.

So it’s really important to find the perfect part of Tuscany for your destination wedding.

After our wedding, my wife and I spent two months in Italy to search for the best places,

off the beaten track. We found real treasures.

*yes, that´s us in the picture above

How to find the perfect location for your destination wedding in Tuscany?

There are tons of possibilities:

from a luxurious mansion to an authentic Italian country home.

Many locations are specialized in weddings and offer a wide range of possibilities. But there is much more than the Number 1 page on google.


If you want your wedding to be special and unique you should definitely dig deeper to find that one special place that suits all your expectations for your Tuscan wedding venue.

But how to choose the perfect location in for your destination wedding in Tuscany?

During my time in Italy, I visited many locations, from luxurious to family-driven

and there is one thing for sure:

Pictures are not everything

(and yes, I’m saying this as a professional photographer).


I will tell you what I mean with that:

Don’t get fooled by beautiful photos of wedding locations

As I arrived at one wedding location I was really excited. I found it on the internet and the manager invited me to visit a few days later. The pictures looked outstanding, everything you´re wishing for a dream wedding location in Tuscany.

On my way to the entrance, I got the feeling that this is not the place I signed up for.

The place looked much different, way smaller and the staff was unfriendly and cold. The rooms and restaurant were dark and impersonal.

Absolutely not the place I would recommend to go to, after your wonderful wedding ceremony.

Rely on an insider for your italian wedding venue

If you don’t want to fly to Tuscany yourself and search for the perfect spot,

it’s best to ask an insider.


Imagine you and your friends and family are flying all the way to Italy just to discover that you paid a huge amount of money for a place that leaves you disappointed and unsatisfied.

In my time in Italy, I met so many wonderful people, ate the best and authentic food and
slept in heart-warming accommodations that most tourists won’t find. If you need help to
plan your elopement I would love to be your guide and photographer.

What I can do for you

1. Photograph & show the whole beauty of your wedding day
2. Capture all those wonderful feelings so that you can relive the moment
3. Help you craft your unique vision that truly reflects you
4. Location scouting, vendor recommendations & logistical help
5. Do good: Plant 100 Trees for each booking

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