Why eloping is right for you

Stop listening to opinions set from the outside!

Listen to your heart

While planning a wedding most people forget about themselves. They get turned upside down by the expectations and the pressure set from the outside. The wedding industry is huge, and it has a clear opinion of what’s suitable for next year´s wedding season.

You don´t want to end up playing a role on your wedding day

But what if your wedding day would be meaningful, intimate and full of love?

Not just a performance for others.


What if you could enjoy yourself at every moment by doing things you love?

Imagine a unique wedding day without comprises?

If you don’t want to deal with the pressure of a huge wedding and the expectations of everybody involved, maybe an elopement is the right way for you, too. Imagine flying to a special place with everybody you really need to be there. Standing on top of a lush green mountain, hearing the sound of the Mediterranean Ocean or feeling the sand of the Sahara under your feet.

You´re free to create a wedding day that fills your heart with joy

You´ll have a lot of fun crafting your unique vision, even if it´s not easy to leave old ideas behind. Finally, a special day awaits you. A wedding day that your heart desires, that´s so much more than average and an adventure that no one could ever recreate.


Do you like this idea? Maybe you´re already thinking about the name of this Greece island, where you always wanted to go. This white village, right at the coastline, crystal-clear blue water and white sand at the beaches.


But probably you´re not quite sure if an elopement is the right choice. I totally understand that!

It´s an important decision.

Find out if an elopement is right for you

I absolutely believe that eloping is the best way to get married. There's nothing I love more than helping couples create the authentic intimate wedding day of your dreams, where you conquer an amazing adventure together and have the privacy & safety to truly be yourselves. Elopements bring the focus of a wedding day back to you two as a couple and don't have the "performance" or "production" vibe of a normal traditional wedding. You can design the best day for the two of you, from start to finish, and at some point in your grand adventure, be in a gorgeous & unique location and commit your lives to each other.

5 reasons you might want to elope

Each couple has their own reasons why to elope. But all in all, it comes down to 5 main reasons. I´ve listed those 5 reasons below. This list could go on and on, but those main reasons are a good indicator. If at least 3 reasons make sense to you, an elopement could be the better choice for you than a traditional wedding.

1. You love to adventure

Whether you love hiking, backpacking or simply being in nature, the outdoors is where you feel most safe and happy. Standing on top of a mountain or feeling the waves crushing in. This is where you come alive.

Why should you leave this part aside at your wedding day?

You don´t have to change for your wedding day. When you love to be in the outdoors, discovering new places, it´s something you should consider for your wedding day as well. A ballroom may just not fit you - and that’s okay! Saying your vows and committing your love in a beautiful place may be more right for you.

2. You want your wedding to be authentic & meaningful

Everyone around you is having big, elaborate weddings, and you want to do something a little more out of the box. Eloping may be your solution to having a day that is unique, and truly yours! Your desire to have a day that stands out and doesn’t just feel like what you’re supposed to be doing. 

With an elopement, you´re free to choose what kind of ceremony you want to have and what activities you want to do. It´s up to you!

Your free to do whatever you want to do. That´s probably the greatest thing about elopements.  There are just no limits! These can be activities that you enjoy doing together or ones you´ve never tried before. Hiking, stargazing or stand up paddleboarding?

3. You want to focus on the two of you, instead of following given rules

Most traditional weddings are big, follow a strict timeline and they are focused on the needs of the guests. It often starts with the guestlist, which gets longer and longer. Even worse if there´s a part of the family which has a dispute with the other side of the family. You need to be careful when you create the seating plan because you want to avoid any arguments at your wedding. Although a wedding is a great opportunity to bring your family together, it´s hard to make everyone happy.

But it´s your wedding day and you should ask yourself: “What makes us happy?”

Bring only the people to your elopement that mean the most to you. And if you want to elope by yourself, that´s fine too! No one has the right to be at your wedding.

Create your unique vision of an elopement that matches everything you wish for. It´s totally up to you, to bring your dreams to life. You´ll feel connected to each other, be present and complete in the moment. That´s what an elopement is about.

4. You´re overwhelmed by being the center of attention

Most traditional weddings have long guestlists, with 100 or more guests. I´ve even seen weddings with more than 200 guests.

If you don´t like to be the star of the show, this will set a lot of pressure on your shoulders.


You need to think about that the attention of everyone is focused on you for a couple of hours…

Eloping with only your partner or only your closest friends and family may be a better option. Think about the moment you read your vows to each other- is that something you feel comfortable with up to 200 people hearing? If not, you may want to reconsider!  

5. You value moments over things

Weddings are nowadays a status symbol, which is used to show everyone how rich, healthy and good looking you are. Wedding blogs, Pinterest mood boards, and dedicated wedding planners tell (or dictate) you every detail. Even which color the napkins should have. You may already know that your wedding shouldn´t be based around handwritten invitations or the best-looking napkins. But I totally get it that it´s hard to stop comparing yourself with beautiful looking pictures on Instagram or Pinterest. There may be even weddings of your friends that set a high standard before.


A wedding isn´t a competition!


Stop comparing to others and choose the things that make you happy. Think about what you want to remember in 20 years. The color of the napkins or this crazy feeling, when you stood on top of that mountain, lush greens under your feet, and you spoke your vows at this magical place.


Elopements are the key to a more relaxed wedding day, where the focus is solely on your relationship, the love between you, and having the best day of your life, by doing things you love in a beautiful place.

Elopements are weddings above average

As long as you listen to your heart, there´s no right or wrong. Just keep in mind to make yourself happy. Don´t compromise and don´t listen to opinions set from the outside. It´s your day and you´re free to do whatever you want to do.

There´s so much bravery in choosing to step away from tradition and celebrate your love in the way that makes the most sense to you. Don´t let the wedding industry take that away from you.

If you need any help to craft your unique vision or to find the perfect place for your elopement, I´m right here for you.

Just keep in mind that your dream wedding experience can come true.

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